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Jetty Extracts Demo Thursday Dec 28th 2017 11am to 2pm

Jetty Extracts Demo Thursday Dec 28th 2017.  DOGO on cartridges, Mind Tricks edibles, and dablicators. Also Donate on a Pax Pod get a Free Pax device for Free.

Jetty Extracts offers clean, simple, and cutting-edge ways to consume high-end, solvent-free cannabis extracts. In 2013 we introduced one of the first cannabis vaporizer pens to the medical market. Today we offer a wide range of CO2 extracted products containing 100% pure, organic cannabis. Our flagship products include the Jetty Gold CO2 oil cartridge, Jetty Pure CO2 oil cartridge, Pure CBD oil, and the Dablicator, a direct-dabbing device filled with our CO2 wax concentrate.  

It’s a dynamic industry which is why our primary focus is research and development. We work hard at developing and distributing innovative, user-friendly products. Everything we offer comes with a lifetime warranty. -Jetty Extracts


Legal Sparkling Drinks Demo Donate 2 get 1 Free

Legal Sparkling Drinks Demo Donate 2 get 1 Free Tuesday, December 12 2017 from 10am-1pm.

Our all-natural sparkling tonics are crafted for that perfect high. Never high-fructose. A delicious mix of bubbles, fruit and as much locally sourced ingredients as Mother Nature will allow. Crafted strain-by-strain to deliver five different but consistent good times. Every time. Slow clap. – Legal sparkling drinks


BSE Pre-ICO Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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