Lola Lola Demo 02/21/18

Lola Lola Demo

Lola Lola will be at BSE Wednesday, February 21, 2018 from 4pm to 7pm. They are offering a free battery with the  purchase of any of their cartridges.

About Lola Lola

Lola LolaTM is a family-owned cannabis company based in San Francisco, California and established in 2015. Their line of premium cannabis products include pre-roll packs, vaporizers and cartridges. Their products are made to deliver strong cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Everything they make is designed to be modern, discreet and stylish. They serve to uphold the cannabis movement by celebrating creativity, connectivity, and community. By connecting customers with top-quality and effects-driven products, packaging, and education, they aim to bring cannabis out of the closet so that more people can experience the expansive and healing benefits of this cannabis.

Lola Lola Gold and Bright Cartridges

Their strain-specific vape cartridges are simple and sophisticated. Each cartridge filled is with the clear and luminous Gold N’ Bright™ pure cannabis oil delivers a more predictive dosing method that always hits just right, for any situation.

Lola Lola Gold and Bright Cartridges

Lola Lola CBD Cartridges

Treat aches and pains with the right dose of their effective CBD vape cartridges that are simple, convenient and discreet. Their Gold N Bright™ pure cannabis CBD oils offer a safe, natural alternative to common pain relief with no heavy THC effects. You can carry and enjoy this vape pen just about anywhere.

Lola Lola CBD Cartridge The Gift

Lola Lola Battery

The Gold N Bright™ vape cartridge kits are a kaleidoscope of color that are discreet and easy to carry. The model works with the customary 510 threaded vape carts. You can recharge it from an ordinary USB charger, like you would your mobile device. Inhale it without pressing a button and focus on your breath. Enjoy the Lola Lola vape experience on your daily routine.

Lola Lola Gold and Bright battery

Lola Lola Demo Thursday December 21st 10am – 1pm


Chocolate Hashberry Special: Get an 8th for only $30. Offer Ends 2/25/2018

Chocolate Hashberry Special: Get an 8th for only $30 + Tax. Offer Ends 2/25/2018

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50%, Indica THC: 14% – 16%. 

The high from Chocolate Hashberry comes on quickly, with a marked increase in focus and alertness. The uplifting cerebral effects are balanced out by calming body melt. This strain’s versatility can translate into simultaneous physical relaxation and relief from mental stress. As such, it’s great for both day and night. Wikileaf

Flavors: Berry, Chocolate, Hash, Spicy, Sweet

Aromas: Berry, Chocolate, Earthy, Hash, Musky, Spicy

Effects: Happy, Hungry, Uplifting

May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Stress  Source: All Bud

Chernobyl Special: Get an 8th for only $20 + Tax. Offer Ends 2/18/2018



15% OFF Kanha Candies. Offer End 02/18/2018

15% OFF Kanha Candies. Offer End 02/18/2018

Reminding adults to enjoy the fruits found on life’s journey. Kanha Candies are infused with high quality THC oils that were scientifically extracted to provide a reliable dosage and a pure, enjoyable experience.

Kanha Treats believes that joy is synonymous with health. We aim to shine a positive light on marijuana products by setting high standards in product quality and in cannabis product messaging.


$5 OFF TreeBase Carts. Offer Ends 02/18/2018

TreeBase concentrate oil is 100% solvent-free, remarkably pure, and exceptionally potent. Available in 6 strains : Agent Orange (82.8% THC – hybrid), Citrus Kush (83.1% THC – hybrid), Lemon Jack (82.4% THC – sativa), Wifi OG (82.7% THC – hybrid), King Louis OG (83.2% THC – indica), and Mendo Breath (81.9% THC – indica).


15% OFF Kan Ade Concentrates. Offer Ends 02/18/2018

15% OFF Kan Ade Concentrates

Kan Ade Medible Mixers are part medical cannabis, part fruity syrup, and all magic in a bottle. And you can find it at BSE.

Coming in a range of sizes with up to 1,000mg of THC per bottle, Kan+Ade is a powerful, sweet treat that’s full of fun and flavor. Just grab a bottle, mix it into a drink or top a dessert, then relax and let Kan+Ade take care of the rest.


All Natural Ingredients

Using only all natural flavors and colors, Kan+Ade combines the finest cannabis strains into a hybrid blend that’s just right for the flavor and benefit we’re looking for. It’s a gluten free, non-GMO concoction that’s ridiculously good.

The Purest Extraction

The best edibles start with pure extraction. Kan+Ade uses the purest form of extraction: 100% triple distilled CO2 extracted clear oil. With none of the harsh chemical flavors found in common edibles, you’ll taste the difference.

Delicious Flavors

Kan+Ade comes in six great flavors — Blueberry Pomegranate, Sweet Peach, Juicy Watermelon, Green Apple, Grape, and Golden Pineapple. They’re delicious on their own, or they can be mixed into an endless array of drinks or treats.




Source: Kan+Ade


15% OFF Clones. Offer Ends 02/18/2018

15% OFF All Clones. Offer Ends 02/18/2018

Did you know that you can clone cannabis plants? It sounds like some sort of sci-fi mad scientist experiment, but there are benefits to cloning a plant vs. growing from a seed, and cloning cannabis plants are easier than you think.

There are two ways that you can go about breeding cannabis. The first is through sexual reproduction, where you cross a male plant with a female through pollination in order to create seeds. Those seeds can then be planted to create genetic hybrids of the two parent plants.

The second method is through cloning, otherwise known as asexual reproduction. Clones are rooted cuttings that are genetically identical to the plant they were taken from. There are many benefits to cloning that contribute to its popularity among both commercial and home growers. If executed properly, not only can cloning your cannabis be cost-saving, it has the potential to offer your garden a whole new level of stability and sustainability.

Through cloning, you can create a new harvest with exact replicas of your best performing plants. Because the genetics are identical, you’re getting a plant with the same characteristics, so if you come across a bud you really, really like, you might want to clone the plant it came from so you can produce more buds with the same effects. Consider taking clones from your garden if you are looking to select and replicate plants with desirable features such as flavor, cannabinoid profile, yield, grow time, etc.

Not only does cloning save you time and money by not having to pop new seeds, you’re also ensuring that your crop will be genetically indistinguishable. Moreover, cloning is the answer to self-sufficiency in your garden. Given the right conditions, you could perpetuate a phenotype for as many harvests as you desire, without having to start new seeds.

Source: Leafly


Chernobyl Special: Get an 8th for only $20 + Tax. Offer Ends 2/18/2018

Chernobyl Special at BSE. Get an 8th for only $20 + Tax. Offer Ends 2/18/2018

In the mood for some serious THC? Chernobyl is growing in popularity for a reason. This sativa is one psychoactive flower.

Cannabis lovers looking for a strong-armed sativa should look no further than Chernobyl. This lemon-lime delight is not only loaded with THC, but it provides a happy, uplifting, and energetic high. A great choice for a wake n’ bake, Chernobyl is thoughtful and euphoric. Most popular among those in need of significant stress relief, the effects of Chernobyl last up to three hours. Pick up this flower when you’re in need of powerful medicine.

Chernobyl would be a great replacement for your morning cup of coffee, so long as this strain is consumed in low doses. In low doses, experienced cannabis consumers may find that this flower promotes focus and happiness, helping you clear any mental cobwebs clinging on after sleep. Yet, those who plan on consuming higher doses of this strain may want to save it for a night out on the town or a silly weekend with friends.

Medical cannabis consumers often pick up this spirited sativa for relief from mental health ailments like anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Those with ADD/ADHD may find that this flower promotes concentration and helps you get things done. At least, so long as it is dosed appropriately.

Chernobyl is also a popular choice for those seeking relief from headaches and mild to moderate aches and pains. Those hoping to relieve daytime nausea may also enjoy this flower. Source: Herb


February 15th-18th 2018 Deals

February 15th-18th 2018 Deals. Stop by BSE this Thursday through Sunday for amazing specials on your favorite brands! From Lift Ticket Prerolls to Kan-ade Extracts to Kanha Candies Edibles and more, we have something for everyone. Stop by now so you don’t miss out, only at BSE!


20% Off Donation Bloom Farms Single Origin Cartridge

20% Off Donation Bloom Farms Single Origin Cartridge.
Start off the New Year right at BSE with 20% off all Bloom Farms Single-Origin half-gram carts and a free battery, while supplies last!
Bloom Farms is a socially responsible medical cannabis company. Their products are available in medical cannabis dispensaries throughout California. Every Bloom Farms Product is derived from California Grown Marijuana cultivated by family farmers that employ practices that safeguard their customers and the environment.
Learn More about Bloom Farms
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